Aviation Data Trainer 2.1

Aviation Data Trainer 2.1



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Date Added:17 March, 2014

Author: QinetiQ North America

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Aviation Data Trainer Version 2 now offers the user more benefits than ever before. As well as including the core data sets that any aviation professional should be aware of, the new application allows the user to configure the tool to their specific region by downloading additional data sets for airports, airlines and aircraft types. Check out the "ËœAbout" section of the application to discover more applications and games to help train air traffic controllers on core skills of phraseology, airspace, cognitive skills and working in a team.
The Aviation Data Trainer provides Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Airport Staff, as well as aviation enthusiasts a tool to review, learn and test themselves on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) data sets that are the core of air operations around the World.
The Aviation Data Trainer provides three levels of support to assist you in learning, understanding and testing yourself to show how you can memorize these codes for day to day operations. First, the application allows you to view all the data that you will need to learn. Second, you can view that data in a series of configurable flash cards that allow you to step through the complete data set at your own pace. Third, a series of configurable tests dependent on the data set chosen are available to measure your progress.
There are also a couple of games available for each data set. The first game is a simple bubble game that draws on your memory to match simple sets, the more you get right, the quicker you clear the bubbles, but get a set wrong and more bubbles appear! A second game for each data set is a memory drop game that requires moving descending balls into the appropriate bin in a timely manner. In the easiest level the balls are color coded but as you advance in the game the colors go away so it gets a little harder!
This ingenious application will have you well on the way to memorizing the core data needed to be a successful operator in the aviation community.
In this version of the Data Trainer, users can review, learn and test themselves using interactive cognitive memory games on:
*IATA/ICAO codes for the Top 100 airports around the World
*IATA/ICAO codes for the Top 100 airports in Europe
*IATA/ICAO codes for the Top 100 airports in North America (USA and Canada)
*IATA/ICAO Telephony codes and IDs for the Top 100 airlines in the World
*IATA/ICAO Telephony codes and IDs for the Top 75 airlines in Europe
*ICAO and wake categories codes for the most popular aircraft that operate globally

As well as these core data sets, the user now has the ability to configure their application by downloading additional data sets based on the region they operate in. The additional data sets are:
*The 35 FAA OEP Airports
*Ireland (GB & IE) Airports
*Scandinavian Airports
*Middle East Airports
*US Alaskan Airport Region Airports
*US Central Airport Region Airports
*US Eastern Airport Region Airports
*US Great Lakes Airport Region Airports
*US New England Airport Region Airports
*US Northwest Mountain Airport Region Airports
*US Southern Airport Region Airports
*US Southwest Airport Region Airports
*US Western-Pacific Airport Region Airports
*Germany & Benelux Airports
*United Kingdom Airports
*China Airports
*Brazil Airports
*Florida Airports
*France Airports
*Spain & Portugal Airports
*Airlines from North American
*Airlines from UK, Ireland, Germany & Benelux
*Airlines from France, Spain & Portugal
*Airlines from South American
*Airlines from the Middle East
*Popular Aircraft Types (US Weight Category)

The data from these games are derived from web sources and verified using:
*ICAO Document 7910
*ICAO Document 8643
*ICAO Document 8585
*IATA Airline Coding Directory (ACD)

Please feel free to contact us with ideas for new data sets or for new improvements you can suggest for this useful tool.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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